Build your own universe

NFT Standard
for Multi-Chain Networks

Omnuum is a multi-chain network, encompassing services from NFT generation,
PFP random generative art creation, minting, storefront customization, NFT distribution,
community building, marketplace creation, to even merchandise sales.

We want to make NFT ecosystem accessible for everyone.

Omnuum's mission is to provide all the high-quality functions necessary for creators and communities to move to Metaverse at reasonable prices. Omnuum empowers creators and brands to build direct relationships with their audiences by giving them full access to their Storefront and NFT sales, No Code needed.

The NFT PFP Builder

Launch Your NFT PFP Project

Generate a 10,000 NFT collection with No Code

Artists can freely design their collections with our simple Generative Art GUI Builder.

Full-Service Minting and Smart Contract

Advanced Minting configurations such as Whitelists, Pre-sales & more.

Build a full-featured NFT minting website

Easiest-to-use drag and drop tools to help you set up your minting websites for your NFT collections.

The NFT PFP Builder helps creators launch their projects from scratch with No Code.

NFT Marketplace

Build Your Own NFT Marketplace

Build a Storefront

  • You can create your own NFT storefront like the NBA Top Shot marketplace using our NFT Marketplace Builder.
  • We develop a tool that enables creators to build Web3 projects.

Sell NFTs in Your Own Marketplace

  • Drop attractive NFTs using our GUI NFT Drop Scheduler and create a marketplace for resales.
  • You may sell not only NFT PFPs but also individual NFT items in the form of video, document, and more.

Community & Support Tools

  • Build your own community and create an ecosystem that grows with the community.
  • We provide functions like NFT holder verification, marketplace sales, analysis, and reporting.

Rarity Rankings of Your NFT Collection

  • Customizable rarity ranking display of your NFT collection, no code needed.
  • Before finalizing the rarity ranking, the creator can review and finalize the customization.

NFTs with Physical Merch

Creators can create and sell products
at the seller studio of MarppleShop

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First Chain Ethereum

Beacon Proxies
Mint Manager Contract

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  • PFP Generative Art Builder
    • Website Builder
      • Mint Manager, ERC-721
        • Randomness with Chainlink
          • Whitelist Management
            • Ethereum
              • Creator Merch Shop - MarppleShop
                • GUI Design Editor for Print-on-Demand
                  • Official Partner for Youtube Merch

                    Stage 2

                    • NFT for Art, Music, Video
                      • LaunchPad and Marketplace
                        • Web3-based Open API / CLI / SDK
                          • Bids Open Auction & Instant Buy
                            • Rarity Ranking and Explore
                              • Sales Bot & Trades Tracker
                                • NFT Collection Analysis & Reporting
                                  • Audit with Quantstamp
                                    • Support Solana, Polygon, Klaytn
                                      • Governance Token
                                        • NFT PFP Holder Private SNS
                                          • Create your own 3D Avatar

                                            Stage 3

                                            • Migration PFP Project
                                              • PFP with DeFi
                                                • IP Business
                                                  • 3D Editor for Metaverse Fashion / Items
                                                    • AR Item Editor
                                                      • One Source Multiverse
                                                        • Game with NFT PFP
                                                          • Blockchain Game SDK
                                                            • Multi-language

                                                              Our Mission

                                                              The future will be led by creators
                                                              and owned by communities

                                                              We are on a mission to create a tool that enables creators to build web3 projects.

                                                              We strongly believe that the Metaverse needs a diverse set of artists and creators to succeed.

                                                              We hope to create a level playing field and make it easier for artists and creators to bring their talents into the Metaverse.

                                                              We provide infrastructure for projects, brands, artists, and content creators to launch their own NFT collection and connect multiple worlds through one token.