The future will be led by creators and owned by communities.

Our mission is to accelerate further expansion for artists, creators, and builders
who want to change the Metaverse into a better space.

We strongly believe that the Metaverse needs a diverse set of artists and creators for better success.
We hope to create a level playing field and make it easier for artists and creators to bring their talents into the Metaverse.


Not a Platform, Not “Powered By”

Omnuum will not be platform-oriented. We will maintain the decentralization culture, the core of Web3.

Omnuum’s role is to provide our service at a reasonable price by realizing necessary functions that creators and their communities need to move forward to the future or Metaverse at the highest level.

Low Technical Barrier, Advanced Technology

We lower the technical barrier for artists but ultimately seek to enhance stability and raise the technical level regarding the field of PFP Project.

We will provide the optimal creative space for creators by realizing GUI with our Web3 based technology.

Fun, Play, SDK

We will create a better Playground for developers by providing our application programs in the form of API, SDK, and Service.

We hope to help creators build authentic Metaverse and provide Web3, 3D technology that every team— PFP project, game, and art teams— need in order to move forward.


We will provide an all-in-one solution— encompassing the establishment of DAO, creation of NFT contents with fans, license business, commercialization, and game development— and support the creation of contents IP businesses.

Omnuum will be operated in the form of DAO. Our partners will become an Omnuum community member, discussing the direction of service, suggesting opinions, and voting for functional improvements.

Team Omnuum

Team Omnuum has been working as a team in the same firm for many years, and we have established the highest-possible quality creator economy service in the real world. Currently, many artists, creators, and contents IP firms are using our service. Recently, we have successfully begun expanding our service into Web3 & Metaverse by releasing NFT All-in-One solution.