NFT PFP Builder

All-in-One Tools
You Need for
NFT PFP Project Launches

Omnuum empowers creators and brands to build direct relationships with their audiences by giving them full access to their Storefront and NFT sales.
We seek to create tools that enable creators to build Web3 projects. We provide infrastructure for projects, brands, artists, and content creators to launch their own NFT collection and connect multiple worlds through one token.

The NFT PFP Builder helps creators launch their projects from scratch with No Code.

Omnuum has what
you need to create NFTs

Generate a 10,000 NFT collection with No Code

Artists can freely design their collections with our simple Generative Art GUI Builder.

Our GUI Builder automatically and randomly synthesizes image layers & uploads images and metadata on IPFS. You can create multiple collections and experience our “Reveal NFT” function.

Random Generative Art

We produce NFTs with a perfectly random combination of traits, which are registered through the generation of random numbers.

We maintain the rarity of individual traits while keeping the properties of trait combination intact.

Full-Service Minting and Smart Contract

Deploy a smart contract on your chain of choice without needing to know how to code.

We support Advanced Minting configurations such as Whitelists, Pre-sales & more.

We support on-chain based random NFT distribution using Chainlink VRF for community credibility.

Build a full-featured NFT minting website

We provide the easiest-to-use drag and drop editor to help you set up minting websites for your NFT collections. You can connect your collection & smart contract, fully integrated with the rest of our products, to our platform.


Complete Control over Your NFT Collection

Create your NFT PFP collection

  • Trait structure and rarity settings
  • Random generation & automatic synthesis of image layers
  • Trait filter & rarity-ordered arrangement
  • Reveal & custom image upload
  • High-definition image & metadata upload on IPFS
  • Multiple collections

Build a website to launch your NFT project

  • Page creation & URL settings
  • Various modules— Menu, Banner, Mint, Roadmap, Team, FAQ
  • Edit font style/color & background color/image/video
  • Link hub for SNS channels— Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
  • SEO-friendly Server Side Rendering
  • Connection to your own domain & automatic connection to free SSL certificate

Full-Service Minting and Smart Contract

  • Whitelist settings and level management
  • Advanced minting schedule condition settings
  • Airdrop / Mutant NFT settings
  • Issuance of NFT contract for each PFP project
  • Verification of on-chain whitelist condition (in Smart Contract)
  • On-Chain Randomness - Chainlink VRF, Provenance hash



  • PFP Generative Art Builder
    • Nested Trait
    • Rarity, Randomness
    • Reveal, IPFS
  • Mint Manager
    • ERC-721, Mint, Air Drop, Claim
    • On-Chain Randomness with Chainlink
  • Website Builder
    • Page & Module Design
    • Rendering with DB
    • External Domain, SSL
  • Membership
    • Whitelist Management
    • Holder Management by Collection
  • Blockchain
    • Ethereum
  • Developers
    • Fancy Tech Stack - TS, React, Remix.js, Nest.js, GraphQL
    • Open Source Libs - FxTS, FxSQL
  • IP Business
    • Creator Merch Shop - MarppleShop
    • GUI Design Editor for Print-on-Demand
    • Establishment of Merch Factory (1,000 units)
    • International Payment and Shipping
    • Official Partner for Youtube Merch & Launch
    • Partnership with Various Entertainments

Next Stages

  • Mint Manager
    • Audit with Quantstamp
  • PFP 2.0
    • Holder Verification
    • PFP Team Market
    • PFP NFT Holder Private SNS
  • Multi-Chain Network
    • Solana
    • Polygon
    • Klaytn
  • Developers
    • Web3 Based Open API / CLI / SDK
    • Third party integrations
  • NFT IP Business
    • Interlocking of License Business with Smart Contract
  • Omnuum DAO
    • Suggestion & Voting for Functional Improvements
    • Governance Token
    • Proposal And Vote
    • Full governance and reward system released
  • PFP 3.0
    • Migration Big Project
    • with DeFi
  • Game
    • Play with PFP NFT
    • Blockchain Game SDK

We will provide many fun & creative functions necessary for PFP projects.

We will provide a variety of functions, ranging from mutant NFT, claim, quizzes and small games, contests, and secondary creative tools based on fan participation to technologies for Metaverse.