NFT Marketplace

The Complete NFT Marketplace Solution

Anyone can be an NFT entrepreneur with our feature-rich and ready-made marketplace solution.
Creators can create their own NFT marketplace using our NFT Marketplace Builder.
After minting NFTs, they may sell their NFTs not only on major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, or SuperRare but also on their own website. Without having to rely on transaction platforms and pay commissions, creators can now open a hub for individual transactions.

We want to make NFT ecosystem accessible for everyone.


Build Your Own NFT Marketplace

Build a Storefront

  • You can create your own NFT storefront like the NBA Top Shot marketplace using our NFT Marketplace Builder. Along with existing transaction platforms like OpenSea, you may also build your own marketplace website for sales.
  • We develop a tool that enables creators to build Web3 projects. We have the easiest-to-use tools to help you launch NFT collections, interact with blockchains, and set up a website for your collection.

Sell NFTs in Your Own Marketplace

  • Drop attractive NFTs using our GUI NFT Drop Scheduler and create a marketplace for resales.
  • Track transaction history and buy NFTs out on the market for resales.
  • We eliminate unnecessary gas fees by supporting Lazy Mint and providing ERC-721.
  • You may sell not only NFT PFPs but also individual NFT items in the form of video, document, and more. Use your marketplace like a NFT shopping mall.

Community & Support Tools

  • Build your own community and create an ecosystem that grows with the community.
  • We provide functions like NFT holder verification, marketplace sales, analysis, and reporting.
  • Set up and customize your sales notification bots for Discord and Twitter.

Rarity Rankings of Your NFT Collection

  • Customizable rarity ranking display of your NFT Collection, no code needed.
  • Before finalizing the rarity ranking, the creator can review and finalize the customization.

Our NFT Marketplace Offers

NFT Marketplace Builder

NFT for Art, Music, Video

LaunchPad and Marketplace

Web3-Based Open API / CLI / SDK

Bids Open Auction & Instant Buy

Rarity Ranking and Explore

Sales Bot & Trades Tracker

NFT Collection Analysis & Reporting

Audit with Quantstamp

Support Solana, Polygon, Klaytn

Governance Token

NFT PFP Holder Private SNS

Create your own 3D Avatar


PFP with DeFi

Blockchain Game SDK

Interlock Smart Contract for license business

Coming soon