Why Omnuum

We want to make NFT ecosystem accessible for everyone

We strongly believe that the Metaverse needs a diverse set of artists and creators to succeed.
We provide infrastructure for projects, brands, artists, and content creators to launch their own NFT collection and connect multiple worlds through one token.
We provide all the high-quality functions necessary for creators and communities to move to Metaverse at reasonable prices.



  • PFP Generative Art Builder
    • Website Builder
      • Mint Manager, ERC-721
        • Randomness with Chainlink
          • Whitelist Management
            • Ethereum
              • Creator Merch Shop - MarppleShop

                Stage 2

                • NFT Marketplace Builder
                  • NFT for Art, Music, Video
                    • Multi-Chain Network (Solana, Polygon, Klaytn)
                      • LaunchPad and Marketplace
                        • Web3-based Open API / CLI / SDK
                          • Bids Open Auction & Instant Buy
                            • Rarity Ranking and Explore
                              • Sales Bot & Trades Tracker
                                • NFT Collection Analysis & Reporting
                                  • Audit with Quantstamp
                                    • Governance Token
                                      • NFT PFP Holder Private SNS
                                        • Create your own 3D Avatar
                                          • Interlock Smart Contract for License Business
                                            • DAO Voting and Governance Process

                                              Stage 3

                                              • Migration PFP Project
                                                • PFP with DeFi
                                                  • IP Business
                                                    • 3D Editor for Metaverse Fashion / Items
                                                      • AR Item Editor
                                                        • One Source Multiverse
                                                          • Game with NFT PFP
                                                            • Blockchain Game SDK
                                                              • Multi-language

                                                                The Future

                                                                Our main goal is to help to build a welcoming Metaverse and onboard the next 100 million creators into web3.
                                                                The first step to our journey is on-chain program settings, generative art, actual minting, of course, and distribution process.

                                                                But we have many more exciting plans on our way...