First Chain Ethereum

Omnuum supports the Ethereum network, which is the current NFT mainstream and has great future plans.

Beacon Proxies
  • ERC-721 can efficiently manage transactions and reduce gas costs and bottlenecks.
  • Dramatically reduces the deploy cost of NFT contracts for PFP teams through Beacon proxies.
Mint Manager Contract
  • You can set the whitelist and minting costs for each condition to be managed with no code.
  • MSG Sender’s minting qualifications and conditions are verified in on-chain.
  • Gameability such as airdrops and mutant NFT can be designed with no code.
Reveal with Chainlink VRF
  • As the creation is completed, a provenance hash containing the data of all images and the order of their combination is created to prove that no data is manipulated. This allows you to build trust among community members.
  • Randomness was introduced to ensure the distribution fairness of the reveal process, which is achieved by proceeding with the occurrence of verifiable random numbers through Chainlink VRF. This process is done on-chain, so it's transparent to everyone.
  • Upload metadata and images to IPFS, a distributed file network, and transfer the subject of data ownership to the public.
  • By combining Web2 technology and Web3 technology, high security of contracts is maintained. We are conducting an audit with Quantstamp, the world's leading smart contract security audit company, and will issue a certificate in April.

MultiChain Network

We believe that many Web3 services and multi-chains will be used together in Metaverse.

We will soon support Polygon, Solana, and Klaytn as well.

Professional Web 2 Technology

Providing a great Web3 Service requires a high level of Web2 technology and insights.

Our team is composed of skilled developers with more than 15 years of experience in web and mobile development.

Based on our long experience and professionality, we work on blockchain technology with professionality and a high level of completion.

We develop high-quality Web3 services with Tech Stack such as Solidity, TypeScript, FxTS, GraphQL, NestJS, React, Remix, PostgreSQL, etc.